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Killing Defence At Bridge (Bridge card game)

Killing Defence At Bridge (Bridge card game) Kérjük, kattintson a képre a felnagyításhoz.
4 335 Ft
Cikkszám: 9780304357772
Elérhetőség: Még 1 db raktáron
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Shortly after 1966, contracts which had hitherto been routinely successful were being regularly defeated. Playert who were wont to drop a trick here and a trick there had suddenly become niggardly. No doubt many declarers rued the appearance of Killing Defence at Bridge which was to blame for their reduced rate of success in dummy play.

It is but rarely that a book appears which can change our perception, our whole approach to the play of the cards. Killing Defence at Bridge was such a watershed. It brought light where there was darkness and taught countless players the right way to think about defending. There can scarely be an expert in the world who is not indebted in some degree to this exceptional work of analysis and clarification.

Hugh Kelsey was one of the great bridge writers. He wrote many outstanding books but his best has always been and will be Killing Defence.

'Hugh Kelsey was a quiet, friendly, courteous, modest genious: an international expert and one of the top five bridge authors in the world. In my view, this book is still the best ever on defence.' (BRIDGE PLUS)

'If you have not read it, don't miss the new edition — and if you have, read it again!' (EUROPEAN BRIDGE LEAGUE REVIEW)

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